Below is a list of services offered by Robyn Ritter Simon. For pricing and more information please contact Robyn's booking department via email at

Empowerment Speaker
Robyn Ritter Simon is available for speaking engagements for your corporate, civic or social events, including conferences, Board retreats or business receptions.  Her specialty is empowerment conversations focused on women, politics, and motherhood.  If you are looking to “spice” up your next event you need to connect with Robyn.  Her remarks circle around the challenges of women and politics, reinventing yourself at any age, and raising healthy, balanced children. Robyn is a must have, sought after empowerment speaker.

If your organization seeks a leader in the women’s and political communities who can candidly share her experiences of running for public office, who has reinvented herself and career all while balancing a 20 plus marriage and raising three teenage sons, then contact Robyn.

Robyn is also available to tailor write remarks to mesh well with your groups’ activities and goals.


Political Advisement
Who better to sheppard you through the maze of politics including running a political campaign, then someone who has done it herself?  Ms. Ritter Simon is a seasoned communications specialist with 20 plus years in corporate communications, media strategy and political engagement.

Robyn has run for public office in Los Angeles and has participated in numerous political campaigns for years. If you are considering running for office, have questions about the challenges that are no doubt part of running, or you need to know how to get started to build your campaign team, then you want Robyn on your team immediately.  Her guidance and attention to the political climate will ease the transition from anonymous citizen to candidate.  Her guidance with public speaking, messaging, and balancing the demands of your life with campaigning will be invaluable for any candidate. 

Robyn is joined






Robyn is joined by Los Angeles City Council president Eric Garcetti and long time women’s advocate & founder of The Feminist Majority,
Peg Yorkin, 2009


Birthday Blog
Ms. Ritter Simon launched a yearlong BLOG project in April 2010 chronicling her daily musings beginning on her 49th Birthday and currently continuing through to the milestone age of 50.  Her daily posts are full of entertainment, reflection and pointed advice for women (or men) on how to live a life that is purposeful and engaging.  The posts are sometimes emotional, angry and full of sorrow depending on the daily activities of Robyn and her family, friends and community. Daily she strives to be grateful for health, family and friends and shares her antidotes, wisdom and thoughts on how to achieve these goals in your life.

 The project will be the launch point for a book inspiring women to make everyday choices to live the most whimsical, healthy and powerful lives they crave.














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