Please join NWPC LA Westside for an informative post election re-cap reception. Board member Robyn Ritter Simon will welcome elected officials and candidates as they discuss the outcome of Los Angeles' most recent election. RSVP

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Robyn Ritter Simon is power house empowerment speaker.  Her specialty is empowerment conversations focused women, politics, and motherhood.  With Robyn's charismatic personality and natural gift to move others she is a must have if you are looking to “spice” up your next event.  Her remarks circle around the challenges of women and politics, reinventing yourself at any age, and raising healthy, balanced children. Many organizations have sought after Robyn for her extensive experience as a leader  in the women’s and political communities. Robyn can candidly share her experiences of running for public office,  and how she has reinvented herself and her career all while balancing a 20 plus marriage and raising three teenage sons.

Robyn is also available to tailor write remarks to mesh well with your groups’ activities and goals.

Robyn is a must have, a highly sought after empowerment speaker. To book Robyn for your next event email her booking department at or call 310.836.8550

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Robyn Ritter Simon (Part 1) Candidate for Los Angeles City Council District 5






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